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Unique Custom Marine Vault - Pompano Beach Boat Storage

A1A Boat Transport was established in 2005 to supply owners of high end power boats with a means to safely transfer their boats both locally and throughout the country. Whether you need your boat taken from storage down to the marina or are boat shipping across the country, we have you covered!

Anyone who owns a boat knows that transporting the boat can turn a relaxing day on the water into hard work. A1A Boat Transport has changed all that and now you can leave that hard work to us. Our drivers are experts not only at hauling large vessels but also dropping them in and pulling them out of the water. We do all of this at what we feel are affordable rates for the service we provide. To learn more about rates, view our Pricing page.

We offer full service concierge; from storage, repairs, cleaning, to fully stocking a boat with beverages and ice before a day out. Anything you can think of that use to make owning a boat a headache we can take care of and make sure that the saying about buying a boat and selling a boar being the best days of a man’s life are not true. With us, every day that you own your boat will be a great day and you can use the boat for what you initially bought it for, to get away!

When it comes to transporting a boat, A1A will treat each vessel as their own. Most of the boats we transport, if not all of them are worth more than many houses. We also understand that this boat is an extension of you, the owner. Each of our drivers uses extreme caution when transporting boats. In the event of an accident we are fully insured with liability and cargo coverage. Obviously each owner should also carry their own coverage as our coverage will depend on the accident. In all our years of operation we have never had a catastrophic accident.

After using A1A Boat Transport we are certain that you will never go back to any other option. We look at every client as a member of our family, including your boat! Here at A1A we LOVE BOATS! That is why we started this business so we could be around them all the time. Give us a call at 954-980-4887 and let us know how we can help you with yours.

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Our Client Testimonials

Our Client Testimonials